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   Want something specific? No worries! Most of our rods are custom builds for customers just like you. Perhaps a rod built for a specific application, custom handle design, custom color, custom wraps, guide material or style, logo/name monogram? The options are virtually endless. Poseidon Fishing will give you top notch customer service and make certain the rod that you’re dreaming of is exactly the rod you receive.

   We are “Total Fishing Outfitters” so it wouldn’t be right to just have you pick up your new custom rods and send you on your way, would it? Not a chance! Poseidon Fishing has you covered.

   Let’s say an angler wants to get into the jigging game and not sure what he needs. After a consultation with Poseidon Fishing he’s ready to jump in and places an order. A couple weeks later, he comes to the Poseidon Fishing shop and not only does he pick up his custom saltwater jigging rods, but his new reels. They’re professionally mounted on the rods and completely spooled and ready to fish. But that’s not all, he also has his fishing tackle supplies neatly organized and stored in his new tackle bag. That’s right, everything from terminal tackle to gloves! Our customers leave the shop fully armed with the best fishing equipment available and ready to use it. We have tons of tackle and reels in stock but if you need something that we don’t already have, we’ll order it for you. We’re simply a phone call away!

   We welcome you to Poseidon Fishing, your Total Fishing Outfitter. First and foremost we design and build rods - both fresh and saltwater fishing rods. Poseidon Fishing has hundreds of in-stock rods ready to fish. They vary from light freshwater rods that are sensitive enough to feel the worm dancing across a sandy bottom to heavy saltwater rods that have the power to pull massive reef dwellers from the deep. We carry numerous stock models of rods to cover anglers in almost any fishing application. They feature gold/black, silver/black or blue/black guide and decorative wraps. The guides are always braid friendly and our blank warranty is second to none.